Friday, January 16, 2009

Drawing of the Temple Mount

This is a drawing of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, circa first century (Herod's Temple). The view is looking over the Antonia, the fortress/prison which overlooked the Temple. There is a great article on the Antonia in this month's Biblical Archeology Review.
The drawing is background to the opening of the graphic novel translation of the letter of James. Taking a lead from the address in James- "to the 12 tribes in dispersion" (the diaspora) I will be setting the 5 chapters of the letter against the backdrop of the church dispersed through history. It will move progressively from the first century to the twenty first. I have the Greek translation roughed out, and there is fantastic material to work with in the story. 'James' , like the other writings in the wisdom tradition uses vivid imagery to convey thoughts and ideas.

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