Friday, October 3, 2008

Parable 7: The Wicked Tenants

Graphic novel translation of Matthew 21:33-40


House of Leoj said...

I just wanted to encourage you in this project. I found it looking for pictures of the houses build on rock and sand (your first parable post!) and it worked in the sermon PPT great!

Thank you very much. As I try to add a visual element to the sermon (not just text on the screen) artists like you willing to share your talents are efforts are invaluable.

Denise LaBorde said...

As a Sunday School teacher of second and third graders, I was struggling to find a meaningful way to teach the parable of the talents to these young children. Our church likes for the children to follow the Lectionary. Your illustrations will be perfect for the lesson. Thank you for your willingness to share. May God bless you richly!!!

Anna Gaskins said...

thank you for your art and your faith. This will help so much on my lesson of the wicked tenants.